“I’ve been listening to the old-style, the Monroe & Stanley Brothers ‘style’ of mountain bluegrass music, for a very very long time, this new CD by Dewey & Leslie Brown is an exact ‘statement’ of how that music sounded, and how it should sound.”” - Bob Everhardt

President of the National Traditional Country Music Association.

Dewey and Leslie Brown

Dewey and Leslie Brown

Traditional Mountain Bluegrass

Dewey and Leslie Brown with The Carolina Gentlemen's offer up a new album, "Jealousy," which will soon be released on Bell Buckle Records. The album possesses a soulful sound, dynamic instrumentation, and original songs. All tracks are rich in traditional bluegrass and serve a beautiful duo of dynamic mountain harmonies. The first featured single, "Jealousy," charted on Bluegrass Today and the Roots Music Report during 2020. The second single release was the song "Dana," It was included in the top 15 positions on the Bluegrass Today Charts. During Covid 2020, Leslie released her first single, "Maybe I'm Crazy," featuring artists Donna Ulisse and Valerie Smith on harmonies. In addition, they released an original song based on the true story of family struggles and adversity with "Fountain of Memories." The rising bluegrass band, Dewey & Leslie Brown and the Carolina Gentleman, have just been announced as the recipient for "Traditional American Bluegrass CD of the Year," awarded by the Rural Roots Music Commission. Dewey and Leslie Brown are the real deal, and they have been entertaining audiences across the United States for years and years. Burlington, North Carolina's Dewey and Leslie Brown showcase their bluegrass talent, bringing a mixture of the sounds of Ralph Stanley and Hazel Dickens. Dewey played fiddle as a Clinch Mountain Boy for Dr. Stanley for 11 years until Ralph Stanley passed away in 2016. As a matter of fact, Dewey released a CD, "Traditional Fiddle," featuring Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys. Leslie is an authentic coal miner's daughter raised by her grandparents in the Appalachian mountains of Vansant, Virginia. Her upbringing in those mountains has played a significant role in her songwriting, dancing, and singing. Leslie is about the most authentic mountain girl you will ever meet. Together, their music is powerful and deep in the bluegrass tradition. Dewey and Leslie currently operate three event venues, The Liberty Showcase Theater, The Reidsville Showcase Theater, and Maplewood Hills Event Center.  

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