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Dewey and Leslie Brown "Jealousy"

Be ready for Dewey and Leslie Brown with the Carolina Gentlemen's new album "Jealousy" coming out soon on Bell Buckle Records. The album is rich in tradition, soul, dynamic instrumentation, and original songs. It is a real treat. Be on the lookout for it!

Maybe I'm Crazy, Leslie Brown

Bluegrass chart-topping duo Dewey and Leslie Brown deliver their third single, "Maybe I'm Crazy," from the forthcoming album "Jealousy." The song showcases Leslie’s warm, strong lead vocal while seasoned recording artists Donna Ulisse and Valerie Smith wrap their dynamic female harmonies into the choruses. Dewey Brown adds his soulful mountain fiddle to the track, which adds a lonesome bluegrass mountain sound. Once again, Leslie and Dewey Brown bring us the true tradition of bluegrass music from the hills of North Carolina! 

The song describes love in its most desperate and furious state. Leslie remembers, "I have experienced heartbreak in my life and have watched many of my loved ones also struggle with relationships. I wrote this song to express the stressful and unsure feelings that one may go through when love does not go the right way.” The lyrics describe a soul longing for love and attention from someone who has pulled away their love time and time again. The back and forth attention and rejection can eventually drive both people involved in this tumultuous relationship crazy, hence the title. Love can cause people to act out crazy behaviors and sometimes feel the helplessness of wanting to die. I think this song really expresses that struggle. I hope you enjoy "Maybe I'm Crazy"! I'm honored to have 2 amazingly talented legends in the music industry singing with me on this track, Valerie Smith and Donna Ulisse; they really made this song and the lyrics come to life!" 

The forthcoming CD, "Jealousy," is available for radio download in October, 2021. Previous bluegrass charting singles that have been released from the album are "Jealousy," "Dana," and "Fountain of Memories." 

Leslie and Dewey's duet singing is undeniably powerful and genuinely unique in bluegrass. Dewey brings his clear tenor voice while Leslie dishes out her distinctive sweet mountain harmony. Joined by their world-class band, The Carolina Gentleman, Dewey also provides plenty of virtuosic fiddling on this track. It is no accident that his music moves you when you hear it since Dewey played fiddle for Dr. Ralph Stanley as a Clinch Mountain Boy for 11 years until Dr. Stanley's death in 2016! Dewey learned from the best and carries on the tradition well! 

To add to the energy of this exceptional duo, Leslie is also a talented songwriter. She was raised in the Appalachian Mountains in the coal mining town of Vansant, Virginia, by her grandparents, steeped in the bluegrass mountain music, which was always a mainstay in her household. The couple's debut CD, "Under the Mountain," received positive reviews comparing Leslie's singing to Hazel Dickens. 

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Maybe I'm Crazy, Leslie Brown, Bluegrass Today
Fountain of Memories, Dewey and Leslie Brown
Fountain of Memories with Dewey and Leslie Brown, with Bluegrass Today
Jealousy with Dewey and Leslie Brown

Dewey and Leslie Brown offer up their first single from their upcoming CD "Jealousy".

Dewey and Leslie Brown and the Carolina Gentleman, Dana